Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the school teacher job. Sponsor outside activities approved by the campus principal, Be a positive role model for students, support mission of LISD, Create classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of students, An Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, Development, or related field of study, Experience working with children ages 5-12 in a licensed childcare facility, The ability to meet DCFS Teacher qualifications, Demonstrate leadership to motivate effective learning practices and to strive for superior student performance, Facilitate the broad goals of the school and plan accordingly and collaboratively with other teachers, the ECU Lab School Principal, the University School liaison and ECU faculty members to ensure that procedures and schedules are implemented to carry out the total lab school program, Cultivate leadership in students and families, Actively participate in professional development offered within the Lab School and beyond, Serve as an advocate for her/his students through implementation of innovative strategies and integration of a variety of support services such that each student's social, emotional, physical and academic potential can be maximized, Maximize the interconnectedness of curricular areas within her/his classroom to meet the needs of diverse learners, Effectively assess students through a variety of methods to determine appropriate instructional strategies and learning environments, Seek to connect students and their families with appropriate services embedded within the Lab School's integrated network of partners who will provide service and support for non-academic issues that impact student learning, Engage in and enhance meaningful collaboration and relationships amongst school and community stakeholders, Actively engage in ongoing communication with parents to ensure they are informed about their child's progress within the school and to ensure families are aware of school resources available for their child and their family, Work collaboratively with university staff to ensure accessibility to students needed to conduct research, Receive visitors within her/his classroom for the purpose of instruction, assistance, research, and observation (which will include being observed, video-taping, and interviews), Maintain commitment to student-led exploration of content, selection of resources, and development of collaborative solutions and outcomes, Maintain high student motivation through a use of a variety of engagement strategies and goal-setting with students, Maintain a nurturing and safe classroom environment targeted to the needs of students from different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds, Maximize instructional time through efficient routines, seamless transitions, and positive behavior narration, Demonstrate extensive content expertise, prerequisite knowledge, and deliver content with appropriate tools, language, and best practices for teaching all students, Stay abreast of emerging technologies, current research, knowledge and best practices to integrate technology into the curriculum to maximize student outcomes (i.e. The Teacher Resume Writing Guide . Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. A teacher resume template that will land you more interviews. Guiding and motivating students to take part in extra-curricular activities. Possess over 9 years experience in coaching school students to achieve success in English and EVS subjects. There are plenty of opportunities to land a Alternative School Teacher job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. 1. Busy curriculum, tests, homework assignments, and most of all 30 teens in the classroom— To manage all these you need to keep things in order. 1. However, a fitness teacher resume can be submitted to an individual, a group or a company rather than on gym facilities alone. Just click on the link if you are interested. 1. Describe one standout trait about you and then list two more of your strongest skills. - Choose from 15 Leading Templates. The usual duties of a High School Teacher listed on a well-written resume sample are researching teaching methods, discussing abstract concepts with students, grading tests, organizing class activity, chaperoning students during school trips, assigning papers, and monitoring student performance. We completely revamped her old document: we included a profile, loaded it with action words and keywords, and uncovered many accomplishments. School 1: From 2009 to present. Preschool Teacher Resume Example. In the field of education, there is a cutthroat competition; however, following a Teacher Resume Template can assist in differentiating oneself from the crowd. Abilities: I describe myself best as young, enthusiastic, eager to learn, driven to excel and School Teacher Resume Sample. Another Computer Teacher resume . Show school administrators you’re the perfect preschool teacher for the job with a top-of-the-line resume! This way, you can position yourself in … Using the above sample teacher objective statements in making yours, you are sure of having a stronger resume, which increases your chances of nailing the teaching job. Use them to guide you to as you write a resume of your own. Cv Template Higher Education Administrative Assistant Resume . Developing reading, writing, and critical thinking skills in high school students. This resume guide comes with samples for each section, to inspire your writing. This teacher resume sample was written by Martin Buckland, Resume Expert for Jill Buckingham, M.Ed. Create a general list of your classroom skills and teaching abilities. Here are some more soft skills for a teacher resume: Communication skills; Interpersonal skills; Leadership skills; Time management skills; People skills; To fully outline your teacher skills, resumes for teachers of IT, science, and technology-related classes can benefit from including a technical skills section in addition to their main skills section. Teacher Resume Example—Samples and 25+ Writing Tips; Teacher Resume Example—Samples and 25+ Writing Tips. School 2: From 2007 - 2009. Writing a perfect resume is important to get the desired job. A fitness teacher resume should include the following information: social and emotional learning; maker learning; design thinking; etc. This article provide basic example of teacher resume. According to research, a good Teacher Resume is one to two pages long unless the employer requests something more. View All Teacher Resumes A winning High School Teacher resume should showcase the candidate’s knowledge and expertise in teaching various subjects such as History, English, Science, and Math. When writing your own teacher resume, it's important to mention all the necessary education certifications required for your position. Don’t worry— with the information below; you can tackle any resume type and create an ace first impression with your new employer. Compassionate and strategic Teacher with more than 15 years of experience invested in coaching students to achieve success. Self-motivation: Initiative and high level of energy 2. 3 Primary School Teacher Resume Samples. Valid NM teaching license (High School Social Studies), Three years classroom teaching experience, Assist the Principal with the development and revision of the school-wide improvement plan, Assist teachers with individual and/or team development through demonstration lesions, introduction of new materials, programs and ideas, modeling of effective teaching strategies, coaching, team teaching and assisting with individual and/or team planning, Assist with identifying staff development needs, planning and implementing in-service activities, modeling, teaming and coaching, Assist in identifying, acquiring and organizing available resources, Assist teachers in accessing district resources, Identify and communicate to classroom teachers effective teaching strategies to meet the educational needs of the students, Support school-wide parent involvement goals through planning and assisting with parent activities focused on increasing student achievement, parent/school compacts and parent involvement agreements, Perform other duties as assigned to insure the success of the school-wide professional development program and increased student achievement, Background knowledge and experience in teaching elementary students, Familiar with District standards and assessments, Able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, Exhibit a professional manner to all customers, Ability to change assignments on short notice, Ability to perform under deadline and work in a calm and efficient manner, Ability to work in a positive and cooperative manner with others in the workplace, Teach mixed-grade Latin classes, collaborating with the MS team to integrate curriculum around central themes, when appropriate, Assess student development and performance using a variety of assessment techniques and models, Create a differentiated, high level curriculum, Support the school mission through the active involvement in the school community, Interact and be involved with parents, including proactive outreach on both positive aspects of learning and areas for improvement, Ability and willingness to work with the school in a shift toward standards-based grading and reporting, Establish and maintain standards of student behavior needed to provide an orderly, productive, creative classroom environment, Set and participate in team goals focused on student growth and supported by growth data, Work with an administrator in a coaching model around professional goals and participate in reflection on own performance on teaching rubric, Bachelor's degree in Latin, or related field, Valid teaching certificate/license, special license, or licensable, Graduate hours or Masters in education of the gifted, Experience teaching gifted children, twice-exceptional students, and middle school aged children, Administrative experience in public education and higher education with a concentration in program management, Strong computer skills including, Microsoft Office and Google Drive, Two years experience with youth, counseling education (private or public), or in a not for profit organization, and/or corporate setting, Ability to interact on all levels of partnering organizations, Strength in areas of leadership, problem solving and oral and written communication, Reliable means of transportation to travel between schools and to program and partnership meetings, Master's Degree, in the field of education, Spanish language instruction 90%-100% of the instructional day, Advise co-curricular clubs and activities, Teachers will center instruction on high expectations for student achievement by establishing a culture for learning, providing clear communication with students and engaging students in learning, Teachers will demonstrate effective teaching practices through use of effective questioning and discussion techniques and reflection on teaching, Teachers will communicate and collaborate with parents and the school community through effective and ongoing communication, Teachers will participate in a professional community, expected to grow and develop professionally and demonstrate professionalism, Possess or qualify for immediate issuance of a valid Washington State teaching certificate with an endorsement in Spanish, Fluency and literacy in Spanish, required, Knowledge of and/or experience with instruction using sound research-based instruction, best practices and pedagogy, Training in and/or direct experience with high school aged students, Ability to teach all levels of Spanish including Advanced Placement, Provides high quality instruction through knowledge of differentiated instructional practices and data-driven instructional decision-making.